Make today Pinoy Hotcake With Easy Steps


Make today Pinoy Hotcake With Easy Steps

It would appear that the run of the mill flapjack served right out of McDonald’s morning meal menu however Filipinos call it all the more suitably as “hotcakes” since they are best devoured when sweltering. Make today Pinoy Hotcake With Easy Steps

Make today Pinoy Hotcake With Easy Steps. Seasoned with margarine and sprinkled with white sugar, Pinoy hotcakes are frequently sold at streetside slows down on business sectors, close to schools and other thickly populated regions.

In the event that you wish to attempt one at home — or start a little road nourishment business — here’s the receipe.


4 cups generally useful flour

3/4 cup sugar

2 tablespoons preparing powder

2 cups milk

8 tablespoons unsalted spread, dissolved

1 huge egg

2 teaspoons vanilla concentrate

1/2 teaspoon yellow nourishment shading

Cooking Procedure:

Blend all fixings aside from spread and margarine

Beat completely

Warmth margarine on a skillet

Spot 1/3 cup of blended fixings on a skillet at that point spread and leave for a moment

Turn it up side down and leave for a large portion of a moment

Expel from warmth

Put margarine and sprinkle white sugar on top


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